About Us

Nick and Tarryn Thompson founded Generation Health Ltd back in 2010 with the mission to educate people to make healthy food choices. They work one on one and one on many to bring their signature nutrition coaching program to those who are serious about making sustainable lifestyle change.

“We are sick of sending our clients all around town to source the products we recommend in our menu plans, only to find they’re unavailable or overpriced. And frankly I’m sick of it too” - Nick

That’s how GenHealthStore got started, partnering with an Auckland based whole foods supplier with over 25 years experience in the dried goods industry to bring you a consistent supply of high quality whole foods at great prices.

Now you can conveniently order you healthy and delicious nut, seeds, dried beans, whole grains, gluten free baking flours, and coconut products.

Our organic and standard product range provides you with raw, undamaged nuts and seeds, protein packed dried beans, healthy whole grains and plenty of great white rice alternatives. Our gluten-free range of includes a variety of flours and coconut products. 

GenHealthStore understands that it’s important to provide you, our customer, with a great shopping experience in sourcing the products you desire. We'll do our best to get your orders picked, packed and sent within 1-2 business days on overnight courier. 

Products are pre-packed and sealed at our suppliers for purity and freshness, and dispatched in a pre-used food cardboard boxes along with a packing slip.

If you have any trouble with the ordering process, please let us know and we'll help you out.

Please tell us about your shopping experience, or any improvements we can make, on the Contact Us page.